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Who We Are

Ningbo power(joro) sanitary electrical appliance co.,ltd is the enterprise integrating technology, engineering, manufacturing and commercing. We are the leading and well-known manufacturer and supplier of saop dispensers with 20 years' striving and persisting. We own two factories with over a hundred experienced workers and professional technicians to have the capacity of finishing goods on time and with high quality.

Main soap dispensers

An ideal sanitation solution for every situation.

PW-M series is a newly designed soap dispenser. Made of top-quality aluminium alloy, with a mirror LCD display to show some information and to set it free.

PW-1406 series automatic soap dispenser is specially designed for people always in hurry with the purpose of reducing the time of washing hands.

Stainless steel soap dispenser series It is crafted from a high-quality 304 stainless steel construction that provides long-term durability.

Professional R&D Team​

POWER realized how important it is for the factory to have an R&D team. We are actively looking for a team of excellent designers to help our company develop new products.

After multi-party cooperation, research and development, we have developed several soap dispensers with patented appearance.


hand dryer and soap dispenser Professional R&D team

Hot sale Hand Dryer​

Single-side jet hand dryer ​

Wind temperature adjustable, hot in winter and cool in summer With a tank to collect the water from hands.

Double-side jet hand dryer ​

Fast drying with 10-15s; Wind temperature adjustable, warm air in winter and cool in summer.

hand dryer Test before shipment


Before leaving the factory, we will randomly select hand dryers for performance testing. After statistics, the usage times of various models are approximate:

Hand dryer with brush motor: almost 200000 times;

Hand dryer with brushless motor: In an ideal environment, unlimited use

Applicable place

Our hand dryers have a wide range of applications that can cover every public place.

  • Hotel
  • Hospital
  • Restaurant
  • School
  • Shopping mall
  • Airport

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Professional Service Team

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