Economical Automatic soap dispenser
good soap dispenser

Wall-mounted Automatic soap dispenser

This series of Automatic Soap Dispenser is a wall-mounted style and made of high-quality ABS plastic with 1000/1200ml big capacity. It is used for dispensing liquid soap/ foam soap/ disinfection when you put your hands in the infrared sensing region. The easy-use product saves soap, hands-free and avoids cross-infection.

This product is made to provide long-lasting strength and use, ideal for high-traffic areas such as restroom of gyms, bars, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants…


Automatic sanitizer gel dispenser with thermometer


Auto Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser Foam/ Liquid/spray


Auto touchless Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser


ABS Auto Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser


Infrared sensor auto Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser


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