Common different types of soap dispensers

Common different types of soap dispensers

With the progress of the times and the development of technology, the way of washing hands has evolved from the earliest soaps to modern soap dispensers. We can distinguish them in the following ways.

According to the installation or placement position, soap dispenser can be divided into the following three types:

  1. Wall-mounted soap dispenser
  2. Lavatory-Mounted Soap Dispensers
  3. Desktop soap dispenser

Wall-mounted soap dispensers:

Wall-mounted soap dispenser is usually made of stainless steel or plastic. Model of stainless steel is beautiful and durable, but it is not easy to see the quantity of soap used, so we specially opened an observation port on the shell to observe the quantity.


This type of soap dispenser needs to be manually installed on the wall. Installation method:

Choose a suitable installation location. Don’t install it too far from the washbasin. The appropriate location is 30 cm to the left or right of the sink. If you hang the towel on the washbasin, you can move the soap dispenser to a place farther away from the sides to prevent it from being too crowded.

Secondly, because it is fixed with screws, it will drill holes in the wall, which will damage the wall to a certain extent. When drilling, avoid the original cable position in the wall to avoid damage to the original cable. There is a danger of electric shock. In order to strengthen the fixing effect, the expansion bolts should be installed first when installing the screws to ensure that the soap dispenser can be stably installed on the wall.

If an automatic soap dispenser is installed, after installation, check whether the motor cable and the induction head cable are well connected and whether the installation is firm; the power plug should be protected against water to prevent safety accidents.

The operation of adding soap liquid in the later stage is simple. No need to ask professionals for maintenance.

Lavatory-Mounted Soap Dispensers:

Lavatory-Mounted Soap Dispensers can be well integrated with the sink. However, the exit location has been designed in advance and it is difficult to change it later. The installation and the later addition of soap liquid need professional people to operate. Can not save manpower very well.

Desktop soap dispensers:

If you choose to desktop soap dispenser, you don’t need to consider the installation problem, just put it in a convenient place. It is usually next to the tap in the sink. But it will take up more space.

According to the method of use, it can be divided into the following two types.

  1. automatic infrared sensor soap dispenser
  2. manual soap dispenser.

Automatic infrared sensor soap dispenser

Automatic soap dispensers are generally equipped with multiple infrared sensor probes. When your hand is sensed by the probes, the soap dispenser will automatically discharge liquid. Without any contact, it is very convenient. In addition to the functions of the original manual soap dispenser, it also has the following additional functions that are common: the function of adjusting the amount of liquid, the function of reminding the remaining amount of soap, and the function of time display. Our new aluminium alloy automatic soap dispenser also has a temperature display function, as well as a simple appearance that can be well integrated into modern home decoration.

Automatic soap dispenser can also effectively save soap and reduce the spread of bacteria. It does not come into contact with dirt and germs.

manual soap dispensers:

The manual soap dispenser appeared earlier than the automatic soap dispenser. Its advantage lies in its simple structure and low price. But in the process of use, it will come into contact with the dirt and germs of the previous users. Can not effectively prevent the spread of bacteria.

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