How to choose a good automatic soap dispenser

good soap dispenser

How to choose a good automatic soap dispenser

The advancement of science and technology liberated people from heavy physical labor, and the combination of science and technology with creativity has made people’s lives more convenient. For example, for more convenient and hygienic hand washing, an automatic sensor soap dispenser was born. You only need to stretch your hand to the sensor area and the soap will be automatically distributed to your hands. The automatic soap dispenser uses advanced human infrared sensor technology to automatically sense the soap to avoid secondary cross-infection; it is suitable for a variety of viscous liquids, such as hand sanitizer, detergent, disinfectant, etc. The appearance design is exquisite and compact, which saves space and is also an exquisite household item. Manual soap dispensers have gradually withdrawn from the stage of history, and what greets people is a more convenient and comfortable life enjoyment. Now let us analyze how to choose a good automatic soap dispenser from many aspects.


Brands and cost performance

When people buy goods, they often choose products of big brands. Big brands mean better product quality, better performance, and better pre-sales and after-sales services. But there will be a certain brand premium. The cost-performance ratio is not very high. Our POWER is a professional manufacturer of electric automatic soap dispensers and manual soap dispensers. In contrast. Several automatic soap dispensers designed and manufactured by our POWER have passed CE, FCC, and ROHS certification. Some aluminium alloy automatic soap dispensers also hold design patents. Compared with other big-name soap dispensers, POWER’s soap dispenser does not have a brand premium, so it is more cost-effective.

Range of use

Most soap dispensers have a limited range of use and tend to be used in public places. Such as our POWER plastic automatic soap dispenser PW-1306, 1406, 1408, 1409 and so on. But a good soap dispenser should be capable of any place. It can be fully integrated into daily life not only in public places. Such as our POWER’s PW-ML: simple and generous appearance, can be well integrated into various places. The “L”-shaped aluminium alloy shell can support the PW-ML to be placed on the desktop. Just install the hooks in the accessories, just align the holes in the back cover for wall-hanging with the hooks, and then hang them on the wall smoothly.

Simple operation

The cumbersome operation will be inconvenient for people to use. The fewer the keys, the larger the age range of use. For example, our aluminum alloy soap dispenser has only two buttons, and different settings can be made according to different pressing times. Such as adjusting the time, adjusting the amount of liquid, quick shutdown, cleaning the remaining liquid and other functions.

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