What Is A Wet Wipe Dispenser

What is a wet wipe dispenser

The wet tissue dispenser is an intelligent household appliance that manufactures disposable cold, hot, long, short, dry and wet towels. It is stylish, beautiful, clean and environmentally friendly, convenient and affordable. It completely solves the problem of traditional towels, wet wipes, face sponges and paper towels. The social problem of serious bacteria exceeding the standard is essentially in line with modern people’s needs for comfort, health, environmental protection, and nobility in life. It is a humanized product that has gradually become a fashionable and healthy consumer product. Bring a new revolution in the small household appliance industry. With the rapid economic development, people’s consumption concepts have begun to undergo brand-new changes. Green environmental protection has become the current fashion pursued. People have developed from the past satisfaction of food and clothing to higher-level needs. It can be asserted that in the near future, it will replace traditional wet towels and napkins will become the most ideal fashion home appliances for hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, beauty salons, gyms, entertainment venues, airports, home schools, etc.

The structure principle of the wet tissue dispenser

It adopts microcomputer automatic control; automatic alarm function for water shortage and towel shortage; arbitrary adjustment of the number of towels; all plastic parts in contact with water and paper towels, food-grade silicone parts, and cabinet body are made of antibacterial materials; shearing device: adopts The unique scissor design, currently the only one at home and abroad, completely solves the problem of soft towel jams. Use water pump motor to directly pump water for spraying. The panel design is composed of digital buttons, indicator lights, and LED display, which is intuitive, conspicuous and easy to use; dual-motor system: the cutting and water spraying devices are independent, and it can be cut to soft towel rolls with a weight of 90 grams and above. The uniquely designed circuit device is used to make the performance of the whole dispenser more stable.

The composition of the wet wipe dispenser

The wet tissue dispenser is high in science and technology, and is mainly composed of four systems: microcomputer intelligent control system, heating system, coil cutting system, and spray system.

Features of wet wipe dispenser

The inside of the dispenser is sterilized by a sterilizing water tank, and the wet wipes are used once to avoid cross-infection caused by the repeated use of traditional towels. The green and environmentally friendly soft towel roll is made of 100% plant fiber, which can be decomposed naturally, and all return to nature, effectively protecting the environment. Beautiful appearance The soft towel dispenser is small in size, light in weight, beautiful in appearance and easy to use.  LED wide-screen display, simple and clear, just lightly press the button, you can choose the number of wet wipes, fast and time-saving. Only need to press the button to discharge the towel. 2 seconds, continuous use does not exceed 3 seconds, ready-to-use. Economical and affordable Low cost, low energy consumption, and can be used continuously for 24 hours.

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