Refillable Soap Bags

Soap Dispenser Refill Bag
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800ml Refillable Soap Bag

Model: PW-510

Material: PE

Output: 1ml

Capacity: 800ml

Packing: 1000pcs/carton

There are three Valve methods for your choice: Liquid/Spray/Foaming

liqued soap bag+valve

Liquid Soap Bag and Valve——durable

The PW-510 refillable liquid soap bag is integrally processed with high-quality PE material. Independent production line, mature technology, high yield rate. Tested: After being filled with liquid soap, it still maintains complete air-tightness under a pressure of 395N.

different type of valves
PW-5940 soap bag-soap dispenser

Different types of Valve( for PW-5940 )

Note: There are three methods of soap dispenser refill bag:


soap dispenser refill bag
PW-5941 dispenser

This method of Valve is suitable for PW-5941 Soap dispenser.

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