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Hand-held Disinfection Sprayer

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Suitable for household disinfection

This small hand-held disinfection sprayer is compact and convenient and can be applied to many places: disinfection in small gatherings, daily disinfection in family, disinfection in studio, and so on.

Disinfection Sprayer


Hand-held Disinfection Sprayer

Large Capacity: Large watering capacity can hold 400ml.

Wide Application: The fogger can be used for small and larger areas. Good for offices, homes, schools, restaurants and other high traffic locations.

Portable Safety: Adjust the amount of fog through the button to control the usage time! Easy to carry, safer for low voltage use

Disinfection Sprayer 1
Disinfection Sprayer2


Nanometer spray, large flow, spray adjustable.

Fast charging, long working time up to 2.5H. Suitable for anyplace

Disinfection Dispenser, Mosquitoes Repel, Dust Mite Controller, Humidifier

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