PW-8 series eco friendly soap dispenser

stainless steel soap dispenser

PW-8 series

It is crafted from a high-quality 304 stainless steel construction that provides long-term durability and can be used for years.The button with a valve makes the dispensing of soap fast and easy, while the transparent window on the front allows you to easily monitor the height of the soap for replenishment if necessary.

Volume: 1200ml
Product size: W155*D175*H125mm
Material: 304# Stainless steel
Surface: Satin or polished finish
Lock: Yes
Thickness: 0.8mm


  • Customized logo
  • Customized packaging


The Manual Stainless Steel Liquid Soap Dispenser combines durability and function which is ideal for any commercial or public setting. It’s expertly crafted using high-quality, stainless steel construction to provide long-term durability and use for many years to come. The material is both corrosion and vandal-resistant, allowing it to stand up against harsh chemicals and multiple users without trusting or eroding away. With its clean, polished look, this accessory will make it a great addition in offices, restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools,hospitals and more.

Installation method of soap dispenser

A. Open the lock cover on the top of the soap dispenser.
B. Unscrew the Phillips screw of the mounting bracket provided with the soap dispenser.
C. Remove the mounting bracket.
D. Drill three holes in the wall.
E. Fix the mounting bracket on the wall.
F. Install the soap dispenser on the wall.
G. Fix the mounting bracket with a Phillips screwdriver.
H. Fill the container with soap liquid, and then close the lock cover.
I. Press the pump to release soapy liquid to wash hands.




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